1. Is stock available and when can I collect?

Our website shop will advise clearly 'SOLD OUT’ if we currently do not have stock, otherwise yes, the trailer is available to purchase and can usually be collected within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends). We are there to communicate clearly with you during your online purchase and will call you to keep you informed during each step until your trailer is picked up. We also welcome you to call into any of our locations where we can start your purchase process in person, including any sold out stock where we can expedite the building process for you.

2. Are you able to register the trailer on site?

Yes, if you require registration in Queensland, we are an authorised agent and can complete the necessary forms with the appropriate original documents provided. We require your full name and address, including your Customer Reference Number (CRN) with Queensland Transport (usually your driver’s licence number if in an individual’s name). Company registration or if you don’t have a CRN requires additional information.

3. Are the trailers hot dipped galvanised?

Yes, all our trailers are hot dipped galvanised to ensure the longevity of your trailer in our harsh Australian climate. Hot dip galvanising provides an overall tough, durable and complete protection which is simply better than many other forms of steel where cutting or welding during the manufacturing process can expose the steel to rusting.

4. What thickness of steel do you use on the trailers?

To provide our customers with a sturdy and heavier trailer, we build our trailers above industry standards by using 2.5mm chequer plate for both the floor of the trailer and the sides.

5. Are the trailers made in Australia?

Having close to 40 years' experience with trailers, including within the hire industry, we understand what is required to make a sturdy trailer. While our trailers are imported, they are designed and assembled in Australia using locally sourced crucial parts to ensure our customers have a trailer that lasts.

6. What extra’s are included in the price of the trailer?

We understand that customers want to choose the extra’s they require, so we have priced extra items such as spare wheels, jockey wheels, cages, tonneau covers as optional extra’s. To get the overall price please select your trailer at the required location, then tick the required Trailer Add On’s and Add to Cart to get the total cost of your trailer and optional extras.

7. Why is the price different at some locations?

Quite simply, it is only to cover our additional freight costs to some locations. You may be able to save on your purchase if you have other methods of freight or can pick up from our locations that don’t incur these additional costs.

8. Are they a tilt trailer?

We currently do not stock any box/cage tilt trailers, as we are still doing our research to find a safe and sturdy tilt option that will last. With the addition of a tilt mechanism comes additional moving parts and additional maintenance which may not always provide the expected outcome (safe and complete removal of the trailer load). Please enquire directly with us if you require a tilt mechanism as we will be supplying Plant Trailers very soon at select locations.

9. Do you provide warranty?

Yes, we provide a 12 month manufacturers warranty and further details can be found on our website longlifetrailers.com.au/pages/warranty

10. Do you provide finance?

Yes, we provide a well known and accepted finance option, Zip Money. Zip Money offers 6 months interest free, saving you finance costs while helping with your cash flow. Tax deductions may also be available under the instant asset write off (for eligible businesses) without having to pay for expensive leasing or finance options (always refer to your accountant for advise). longlifetrailers.com.au/pages/finance